• Ref No: LMH-HR-SPS-001-2018
  • Issue date: June 4, 2018
  • Deadline: June 19, 2018
  • Time: 4:00pm, GMT
  • Submit tender to: Tender Selection Committee Last Mile Health, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Email: tender@lastmilehealth.org

Section I: Organizational Background & Purpose of Request

A) Overview & Background

Founded by survivors of Liberia’s civil war, Last Mile Health’s mission is to save lives in the world’s most remote communities. Last Mile Health specializes in developing and managing networks of community health workers who bridge the gap between remote communities and the existing public-sector health system, bringing essential primary care services to the doorsteps of people living at the last mile. Our programs are implemented hand-in-hand with community members, local government officials, national policy makers, private sector, and global partners to ensure sustainable impact.

B) Purpose of Request for Proposal

The Human Resource Department invites proposals from payroll providers whose payroll system will eliminate our current use of Microsoft Excel based management of payroll data.

Section II: Proposal Submission Requirements

Qualified payroll service providers are required to submit competitive technical and financial proposals. Technical and financial proposals must include but need not be limited to the following:

  • An extensive and demonstrated background knowledge in designing, analyzing implementing and training users on the usage of Human Resource Payroll Management System
  • Details of work experiences with similar projects
  • Bidders must submit activities plan outlining how the assignment will be done and when it is expected to be completed
  • Bidders are required to submit profile of staff qualifications and experiences
  • Bidders are required to submit they payroll system costs
  • Qualified payroll service providers must submit at least five (5) references of clients for which similar services have been successfully performed
  • Bidders outside of Liberia must submit their bids through the above email as specified on the cover page of the Request for Proposal
  • Bidders outside of Liberia must submit technical proposal
  • Bidders in Liberia must submit sealed bids (hard copies) to Last Mile Health office in in Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Bidders in Liberia must submit a valid business registration certificate and current tax clearance
  • All bid pages must be numbered
  • Bidder must include a signed and stamped cover letter transmitting the proposal package to the above address on the cover page of the RFP
  • Bidders in Liberia must submit a financial proposal with detailed breakdown of all costs related to the full implementation of the assignment
  • Bid prices must be quoted in United States Dollars
  • All proposals must be clearly written in the English language.
  • The system should indicate the maximum number of staff that it can hold and the number of users
  • The system should be capable of generating reconciliation between previous month and current month, including various reports (for Liberia Revenue Authority) such as income tax report, social security and summary of bank and cash transfers
  • The system should be capable of generating deductions and serve as a repository for employee payroll history and start dates
  • The system should generate and save a user log to ensure transparency in administrative processing of payroll and payroll changes, with ability to track such changes back to individual system administrators. In addition it should have segregation of duties for various individuals involved in the payroll process.

Section III: Evaluation Criteria

See PDF.

All proposals submitted will be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee of Last Mile Health. The committee will apply the evaluation criteria described above to all proposals under consideration. All proposals should be submitted to tender@lastmilehealth.org by Tuesday, 19th June 2018 at 5:00PM. NOTE: NO PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 19, 2018.

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