Health Systems Strengthening

Strong and effective community-based primary health programs can transform health outcomes and save lives. We partner with countries to ensure teams of community and frontline health workers are effective by improving program governance, supporting policy design, and mobilizing financial resources for the health system. By working alongside countries to achieve and sustain effective national community health programs, we can ensure quality health services reach all.

We work with governments and other local actors to design, scale, strengthen, and sustain national community health programs to deliver life-saving primary health services. This includes partnering with Ministries of Health to build the strategies, staff, supply chains, supervision and information systems that make this possible—and sustainable.

  • Digital Technology: We work hand-in-hand with countries to develop technologies that improve both access to healthcare and the quality of healthcare delivery. Leveraging mobile technology, we are equipping community and frontline health workers with access to educational content, while working with Ministries of Health to digitize offline health information systems.
  • Health Financing: We partner with countries to better leverage financial resources and mobilize new funding for strong and effective community health systems. 
  • Workforce Development: We leverage best practices to design workforce tools to support the training, deployment, and supervision of community and frontline health workers.
  • Governance: We support partners to develop policies, craft strategies, design and implement performance management systems, and strengthen governance structures to enable effective community health systems. 
  • Research and Analysis: We help partners assess how to design or implement a community health program more effectively.