Our Values

At a time of unprecedented growth, we were inspired by our friends at Possible Health to define the core values that guide our work. The following Culture Code serves as a source of inspiration and direction for our team as we pursue our vision of a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

We go as far as it takes for our patients.

We keep our patients at top of mind in everything we do, and we only make decisions that we believe will advance our vision of a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

We do things differently, despite the challenges.

We don’t subscribe to the status quo. For too long, governments, non-profits, and the private sector have considered remote communities too difficult to reach and too expensive to serve. We know that it won’t be easy, but we must break this cycle in order to bring about meaningful change.

We make bold commitments that inspire innovation.

To reach the most remote communities, we know that we have to think outside of the box. We commit to what is necessary and apply innovative solutions to ensure that our vision becomes a reality.

We Dig Data

Complex and challenging initiatives demand rigorous monitoring and evaluation, so we look to data to inform every aspect of our work.

We obsess about exceptional work.

We believe that extraordinary results require extraordinary people. We cultivate strong skills and build strong systems to drive exceptional work, and we hold each and every member of our team to the highest standard.

We are all teachers and learners.

We take pride in the diversity of experiences that our patients and our staff contribute to our work. We constantly listen to and learn from one another and those we serve, and our patients are often our greatest teachers.

We embrace feedback and practice humility.

We are honest about our strengths, we invite feedback, and we welcome skepticism. Recognizing that our mission will not be fulfilled by one organization alone, we collaborate with and learn alongside partners to form an ecosystem committed to healthcare for all.

We are all stewards of our reputation and our resources.

Without our partners and supporters, our work at the last mile would not be possible. We are committed to managing our resources responsibly to honor the trust that our patients and supporters have put in us.

We are in this together.

We are one tree with many branches. Our team is not defined by our differences, but rather our shared commitment to saving lives and achieving justice in health for the world’s most marginalized communities. As one community, we struggle, learn, succeed, and celebrate together.

We work to deploy a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

The word ‘ALL’ is not just etched into our name; it is an integral part of our collective identity. At our core, we are motivated by the belief that all people, no matter where they live, deserve to realize their right to health.

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