We believe that no one should die because they live far from the nearest doctor, clinic, or hospital.

The Challenge

Illness is universal but access to healthcare is not. Worldwide, more than one billion people go their entire lives without ever seeing a health worker. Due to the combined effects of distance and poverty, people living in remote communities often die needlessly from preventable, treatable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition, and complications of childbirth.

In Liberia, where our story begins, roughly 1.2 million people live in isolated communities that are more than an hour’s walk from the nearest clinic or hospital.

Our Model

We partner with governments to deploy, sustain, and manage national networks of community health professionals to extend quality services to people living at the last mile.

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Our Strategy

To achieve our vision of a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day, we work with government and other partners to design, demonstrate, scale, and advocate for national networks of professional community health workers to serve at the last mile.

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Where We Work

We’re supporting the Liberia Ministry of Health at the national level as they roll-out a National Community Health Assistant (CHA) Program that will deploy professional community health workers to serve all 1.2 million Liberians living in remote communities.

At the local level, we’re supporting the Government of Liberia in two of Liberia’s fifteen counties – Grand Gedeh and Rivercess – to implement the National CHA Program across more than 300 last mile communities.

Together with the Ministry of Health, we define “the last mile” to include any community that lies more than five kilometers or an hour’s walk from the nearest health facility. but many of the communities we serve are 21 kilometers or more from the nearest clinic or hospital. In communities this remote, those who are ill, injured, or about to give birth must walk or travel by canoe or motorbike for many hours over long and treacherous distances to reach healthcare.