Community Health
Academy Resources

The Community Health Academy works to train and grow the community health workforce. While we prioritize the health workers in the five countries where Last Mile Health works, we also share many of our products and services globally to support the health workforce.

In 2017, we launched the Community Health Academy at Last Mile Health to train community health workers and health leaders. Since its global launch following our co-founder Raj Panjabi’s TED talk, the Academy has been integrated into our country programs to support the delivery of high-quality, community-based primary care.

The Academy’s scope is two-fold:

  • Partner with governments to design, digitize, and deliver training for community and frontline health workers.
  • Partner with governments to train health leaders to effectively manage community health systems.

While we prioritize supporting community health workers, frontline health workers, and health leaders in the five countries where we work, we also share many of the products and services we create with our partners globally.


Resources for Health Leaders: