All people deserve access to lifesaving healthcare

Worldwide, more than one billion people lack access to healthcare due to distance. Community health workers have the power to change this by bringing lifesaving care to the doorsteps of those living at the last mile.

Our story begins in the remote communities of Liberia’s rainforest, and our vision is global: a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

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Harnessing the Potential of Digitally Empowered Community and Frontline Health Workers

Posted on 01/29/2020

Approximately 30% of Liberians live farther than five kilometers from a health facility. For those who live hours – or even days – away from the nearest clinic, it can be all too common for treatable conditions like malaria to be fatal. But community and frontline health workers in the Government of Liberia’s National Community […]

Announcing the Eliza Forrest Kaye Bromfield Leadership & Development Fund at Last Mile Health

Posted on 01/24/2020

Last Mile Health is honored to announce the creation of the Eliza Forrest Kaye Bromfield Leadership & Development Fund, recognizing the life and legacy of Eliza Forrest Kaye Bromfield, who passed away unexpectedly in July 2018 at the age of 30 from complications of acute hyponatremia. Eliza committed her life to improving the world around […]

Women Leaders in Global Health: Meet Estherlyn Peters and Featha Kolubah

Posted on 01/24/2020

In November 2019, over 1,000 people from 81 countries participated in the third Women Leaders in Global Health conference in Kigali, Rwanda. Two leaders—Estherlyn Peters of Last Mile Health and Featha Kolubah of Liberia’s Ministry of Health—spoke at the conference to share their commitment to advancing gender equity and universal health coverage in Liberia and […]

100% of Liberia’s Frontline Health Workforce Digitally Empowered

Posted on 01/24/2020

In September 2019, Last Mile Health supported the Ministry of Health to achieve a significant milestone: distribution of smartphones and accessories to 100% of the community and frontline health workers in Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program. This historic achievement is particularly notable given the operational challenges. Ministry-led teams had to navigate underdeveloped road networks […]

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We're Saving Lives at the Last Mile

We’re working with the Government of Liberia to roll-out a nationwide program that will deploy professional community health workers to provide lifesaving health services to 1.2 million Liberians living in remote communities. We need your support.

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