Through health system strengthening, research, advocacy, and training, we’re supporting local partners to bring high-quality primary healthcare to millions of rural people.


Leveraging the power of online and mobile training tools, the Academy partners with Ministries of Health to strengthen the clinical skills of community health workers and the capacity of health systems leaders to build higher-quality systems. Over 19,000 community and frontline health workers and health systems leaders are currently enrolled in Academy courses across 187 countries.

In Ethiopia, Liberia, and Uganda, the Community Health Academy is partnering with the Ministry of Health to create multimedia training content for community health workers, and use a blended learning approach to integrate its first leadership course into training and curriculum for policymakers, program staff, and other health systems leaders.



We partner with countries to strengthen the performance of their health workforce by improving program governance, supporting policy design, and mobilizing financial resources for community health. We also advocate for increased investments in community health programs.

Through the USAID and UNICEF Integrating Community Health Program, we are working alongside a coalition of actors to advance the evidence for effective community health programs and advocate for their inclusion into integrated, government-led programs.

  • Bangladesh
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Haiti
  • Kenya
  • Liberia
  • Mali
  • Uganda



We are leveraging evidence and lessons learned in building high-quality national community health systems to inform program design, policy making, and funding.

For over two years, we partnered with academics, funders, NGOs, and research institutions in the community health sector on a global study that identified the drivers of high-performing national community health worker programs. Together, we identified Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Liberia as exemplar countries in the design and scale of national community health worker programs. Read the results here.