Community Health Academy

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“Join us to recruit the largest army of community health workers the world has ever known, by creating the Community Health Academy, a global platform to train, empower, and connect.”
– Raj Panjabi, 2017 TED Prize Winner


The Community Health Academy is a global platform to train, empower and connect community health workers in every corner of the world.

Our vision is global: empower hundreds of thousands of community health workers to serve the hundreds of millions of people around the world who lack access to healthcare.

Community Health Academy will:

  • Provide opportunities for members of the community health field to improve upon their critical, life-saving skills.
  • Mobilize the very best digital education resources for community health workers and their instructors.
  • Support policy-makers and program designers in countries looking to launch or improve their community health worker programs.
  • Advocate for governments to make community health workers a cornerstone of their healthcare plans.
  • Bring together a global community of experts who can share best practices and tools to strengthen community health worker programs worldwide.

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Meet some of the community health workers who make this work possible in Liberia and elevate their work.