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Your monthly gift enables community health workers to extend lifesaving care to the last mile. Give today to join a community of supporters who are dedicated to the vision of a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

Why Give Monthly?

A monthly contribution is the most efficient and impactful way to support Last Mile Health’s mission to save lives.

  • By providing a reliable source of funding to sustain our work, you enable us to dedicate more of our time and resources to providing healthcare that transforms the lives of those living at the last mile.
  • Giving monthly is simple, convenient, and tax-deductible. You can revise your gift amount, change your payment method, or suspend your donations at any point.
  • You’ll have special access to updates and stories about the impact of your support.

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Your Support Saves Lives

Worldwide, more than one billion people lack access to healthcare because they live far from the nearest clinic or hospital. At Last Mile Health, our work is in Liberia but our vision is global: a health worker for everyone, everywhere, every day.

With your sustained support, we’ll establish Liberia as a global leader in the movement to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to healthcare no matter where they live.

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Invest In Health Workers Like Fatu

Your monthly donation will support a community health worker like Fatu, enabling her to provide lifesaving care to her neighbors while earning an income for her family. When you give monthly, you will receive updates on the progress of training, ongoing supervision, and patient care as our community health workers expand their skills and deepen their capacity to save lives.

With your support, Fatu and her fellow community health workers will be trained, equipped, paid and provided the ongoing supervision they need to:

  • Identify and report signs of an infectious disease outbreak like Ebola
  • Diagnose and treat children for malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea
  • Provide health education and counseling on family planning
  • Ensure maternal and neonatal health from antenatal care to facility-based delivery and postnatal care
  • Support patients living with HIV/AIDS, TB, and other conditions

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