Our Strategy

Inspired by our mission to save lives in the world’s most remote communities, our vision is a health worker for everyone, everywhere every day. Our strategy to achieve this vision involves by partnering with government to deploy, sustain, and manage national networks of community health professionals. The following four pillars form the basis of our approach to ensuring access to healthcare for ALL.


Building on years of partnership with the Government of Liberia, we supported the Ministry of Health to design a sustainable model for integrating remote communities into the public sector health system. Drawing on international best practices and the lessons we learned through our pilot project in Konobo District, Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant (CHA) Program will deploy a network of professional community health workers and clinical supervisors to bring lifesaving healthcare to the country’s remote communities.


Under the auspices of the National CHA Program, we have worked with government partners to deploy hundreds of community health professionals who are bringing lifesaving care to hundreds of communities across two of Liberia’s most remote counties. Through rigorous research, monitoring, and evaluation, we’re demonstrating the impact that community health workers can have in extending lifesaving healthcare to remote communities.


We’re providing technical assistance to the Government of Liberia to bring the National CHA Program to nationwide scale, aiming to ensure that 1.2 million Liberians who live far from care have access to a professional community health worker by 2021.


Recognizing the importance of partnership and collaboration to bring about transformative change, we’re advocating on both the national and global stage for investment in solutions to the broader health and development needs of remote communities.

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