Our Strategy

Last Mile Health’s Four-Year Strategic Statement

Through effective country programs and global initiatives, we partner with governments to design, scale, strengthen, and sustain digitally empowered community and frontline health workers who bring high-quality primary healthcare within reach of millions of rural people.

Last Mile Health saves lives in the world’s most remote communities by partnering with governments to design, scale, strengthen, and sustain high-quality, community-based primary health systems. After more than a decade of work in Liberia, we have seen the transformative progress that occurs when governments are able to empower community health workforces to deliver essential primary care services to their communities

Now, with the launch of our new four-year strategic plan, we have the opportunity to maximize our contributions to an emerging movement working to accelerate this impact globally. 

FY20-23 Strategic Plan 

A compelling body of evidence suggests that if teams of community and frontline health workers expand rural coverage of at least 30 primary health services in the countries with the highest burden of preventable disease, it’s possible to save at least 30 million lives by 2030. This is a call to action for Last Mile Health and has inspired our new strategic plan, titled Within Reach

Over the next four years, we will partner with governments to build and strengthen three national community health workforces as exemplars for the world. We will expand our partnerships with national Ministries of Health to at least two additional country programs in Africa, supporting and digitally empowering at least 16,000 additional community and frontline health workers integrated with over 500 community clinics to serve over 9 million rural people. Our global body of work, dedicated to training, policy, and research, will also support a global movement for quality community-based primary healthcare by open-sourcing the methods and practices of Last Mile Health and our aligned partners. 

This work will not be done alone. Through collaboration with our Board, advisors, partners, and community, we look forward to advancing our vision of a health worker within reach of everyone, everywhere.

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