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Diagnosing and Treating Malaria at the Community Level

Posted on 02/07/2019

Malaria has historically been the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Liberia and remains responsible for 41% of deaths among children under five years of age. This preventable disease disproportionately affects children in rural areas, where poor access to healthcare restricts them from accessing basic, life-saving treatment. However, due to concerted efforts to prevent, […]

From Liberia to Kazakhstan: Community Health Worker Ruth Tarr’s Story

Posted on 01/23/2019

Ruth Tarr’s commitment to universal health coverage took her on a journey across continents from a remote community in Rivercess County, Liberia to Astana, Kazakhstan to speak at the historic Global Conference on Primary Healthcare On a calm day in early October 2018, Ruth Tarr sat with her husband and young daughter on the porch […]

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Five reasons we’re inspired on UHC Day

Posted on 12/12/2018

Today is Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day, and we have a lot of reasons to be inspired. From the continued scale up of Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program to the growing right to health movement, 2018 has proven that we can advance UHC when we work together. In October, Community Health Worker Ruth Tarr […]

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Magnus Conteh Joins Last Mile Health to Lead the Community Health Academy

Posted on 12/04/2018

Magnus Conteh  joined the Last Mile Health team earlier this year as the Executive Director of the Community Health Academy, tasked with the job of translating the bold vision of the 2017 TED Prize wish into reality. Throughout his 25-year career, Magnus has been at the forefront of the collision between global health and digital […]

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Request for Proposal: Community Health Academy – Content Developer Consortium

Posted on 11/29/2018

Community Health Academy: Content Developer Consortium Invitation to submit a Letter of Interest The Community Health Academy (“the Academy”) hereby solicits a Letter of Interest (LOI) from your organization to join the Academy’s new Content Developers Consortium (“the Consortium”). Background The Academy was established in 2017 with the aim of leveraging digital technologies to contribute […]

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Staff Profile: Savior Mendin

Posted on 10/22/2018

Savior Mendin is Last Mile Health’s Training and Quality Management Advisor. In this role, Savior oversees training and quality assurance activities as a member of the Medical Team. Community health has always been a calling for Savior, who was first inspired by a compassionate nurse who cared for her during a serious illness. It was during […]

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Quality of Care at the Last Mile — Clinical Supervision of Community Health Workers

Posted on 08/10/2018

By: S. Olasford Wiah (Community Health Services Director, Ministry of Health Liberia), Brittney Varpilah (National Community Health Systems Director Last Mile Health) & Katey Linskey (Policy & Advocacy Officer, Last Mile Health) Originally published on Crossing the Divide  In a rural community in the dense rainforest of Liberia’s Rivercess County, a young mother named Odell exchanges conversation and words […]

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Community Health Workers Rapidly Increase Access to Life-Saving Treatment for Children in Rural Liberia

Posted on 08/07/2018

By Lorenzo Dorr, County Manager for Rivercess County, Last Mile Health A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health by Liberia’s Ministry of Health, Last Mile Health, and researchers from Harvard and Georgetown Universities demonstrates that, in just one year, community health workers supported with medical supplies, supervision from clinic-based nurses, and […]

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Request for Proposal: End-Line Evaluation Consultants

Posted on 07/19/2018

Ref No: LMH-RM&E-ELE-001-2018 Issue date: July 20, 2018 Deadline: August 24, 2018 Time: 4:00pm, GMT Submit tender to: Tender Selection Committee, Last Mile Health, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia Email: tender@lastmilehealth.org SECTION I: ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) A) Overview & Background Founded by survivors of Liberia’s civil war, Last Mile Health’s […]

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Press Release: Takeda Announces Selection of Three New Programs for Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program 2018 Promoting Disease Prevention to Improve Health in Developing and Emerging Countries

Posted on 07/09/2018

July 9, 2018 – Over 11,000 employees worldwide voted to select Last Mile Health, Seed Global Health, and UNICEF with an aim to train 8,000 community health workers worldwide, train 5,000 health professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa, and strengthen health systems in Angola, Guinea, and Togo. – With the addition of three programs, Takeda’s contribution through […]

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The Community Health Academy is hiring!

Posted on 06/21/2018

We are recruiting a number of positions for the Community Health Academy, a new initiative at Last Mile Health which leverages digital technology to train, empower, and connect community health workers and health system leaders around the world.  The Academy will feature a two-pronged learning platform – one supporting CHWs and the other supporting health systems leaders […]

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