Advocacy Resources

We influence governments, donors, and normative bodies to adopt best practices, mobilize resources, and increase political will for equitable community health systems.

We advocate for the adoption of best practices and policies in community health—from how to build national programs to how to pay for them. We achieve this by mobilizing wide and diverse coalitions of support to call for increased resources for community health programs to help governments unlock the full potential of their health systems.

Leveraging evidence from the communities we serve and amplifying the voices of community and frontline health workers helps to inform global and national policies and advance the movement for primary healthcare and universal health coverage.


This work is much bigger than one organization alone. We are proud to be part of a global movement to build stronger health systems that advance health for all.


We believe community and frontline health workers deserve an equal say in the decisions that affect their communities. We provide opportunities for them to advocate for greater investment in community health programs and influence policies.




We’ve worked with our coalition partners to influence global policies and standards to improve the performance and quality of community health systems across the globe:

  • High Level Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage
    We worked with our coalition partners to ensure the Declaration recognized community-based primary healthcare as essential to achieve Universal Health Coverage and included calls for adequate funding to achieve this goal, including for community health worker salaries.