Community Health Academy

Reimagining education for community health workers and health systems leaders in the digital age.


Studies show that training high-performing community health workers can save more than 3 million lives annually. But due to ineffective training and support, many community health worker programs fail to meet their full potential.

In 2017, we launched the Community Health Academy to revolutionize training for community health workers and health systems leaders. By 2021, the Academy will support Ministries of Health to train over 30,000 community health workers and health systems leaders, expanding access to quality care to millions of people.


The Academy is equipping current and next generation health systems leaders to build strong community health systems through university-quality courses that are delivered virtually and in-person through coaching, mentorship, and group discussion.

Since the launch of its first online leadership course, Strengthening Community Health Workers to Deliver Primary Health Care, 27,380 learners from 197 countries have accessed the course. Working with a network of faculty and practitioners from organizations and governments in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, the Academy disseminates content that explores how to build, optimize, and advocate for national community health worker programs.


The Academy is also supporting Ministries of Health to enhance the effectiveness of their health worker training by deploying mobile phones equipped with high-quality digital content to frontline and community health workers.

Powered by Oppia Mobile, the Academy has launched an application to deliver educational text, video, and quiz content to community health workers in real-time. We’re leveraging lessons from Liberia – where 100% of  community and frontline health workers in the National Community Health Assistant Program are digitally equipped with information on malaria and malnutrition – to drive a global effort for quality improvement. The Academy is developing a global blended learning curriculum for community health workers that can be easily adapted to local contexts. The curriculum will be offered as a public good for Ministries of Health worldwide to adapt and localize, and will be aligned to WHO guidelines, protocols and global standards for quality.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge. Patients in low-income countries, with limited preparedness and response resources, are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. It is critical that community-based health workers are equipped to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic, especially in rural and vulnerable urban areas. Access to high-quality, simple information will help increase their ability to treat and support patients and to deliver health services safely.

In response, the Community Health Academy and four partners—CORE Group, Medical Aid Films, TechChange, and Translators without Borders—launched the COVID-19 Digital Classroom, which brings together global leaders in community health systems strengthening, training, content development and communication to provide high-quality digital health education content for community-based health workers. The COVID-19 Digital Classroom has designed a rapid process that curates best-in-class existing information and training resources, creates new content to meet known gaps, and brings these critical resources together into one trusted online place—the COVID-19 Library.


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