A compelling body of evidence suggests that if teams of high-performing community and frontline health workers expand rural coverage of at least 30 primary health services in the countries with the highest burden of preventable disease, it’s possible to save at least 30 million lives by 2030.

To contribute to this growing movement for universal health coverage,
we support governments to:

The result is a national community health program that can drive transformative increases in population level health outcomes—increased treatment for sick children, improved immunization rates, access to skilled birth attendants, and detection of epidemic infectious disease events and more.

Over the next four years, we are partnering with countries to design and build community-based primary health systems. We will leverage our theory of change to establish three national community health programs as exemplars for the world—starting in Liberia and Malawi. We will also support a global movement for quality community-based primary healthcare by availing the methods and practices of Last Mile Health and our aligned partners—proving that investments in community health not only work, but save lives.

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