Reports & Financials

Gift Acceptance Policy

Last Mile Health solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support its core programs, as well as special projects. Last Mile Health values its partners’ dedication to its mission, evaluating all gifts to ensure alignment and reserving the right to decline offers of gifts that have a conflict of interest related to Last Mile Health’s work to provide equitable healthcare.

Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies, or other entities, subject to the following limitations:

  1. Last Mile Health does not accept gifts from: entities with a history of human rights violations; elected officials from within Last Mile Health implementation countries; gifts of property or stock where donor rights of ownership cannot be confirmed; entities involved in production and/or sale of arms.
  2. Gifts of real property, personal property or non-stock securities may only be accepted upon approval of the Executive Team and Board of Directors.